Extras for MODX Evolution

Hello world!

After discussions with Bumkaka we determined what is has major priority and set to work. We decide to make it on MODX EVOLUTION base.

And now, after 3 weeks of idea appeared, we are ready to introduce you our small startup. While the functionality is not very large and plans to finalize a lot. But I would like to elaborate on some of the points that distinguish our repository even compared to MODX REVO repository. So from words to deeds:

Your and only your personal repository

Shared repository is good, but certainly every developer has a lot of own developments that are either too valuable or not yet finalized for publication in the community, or he just do not want to share them. In MODX REVO for that you need to write your own repository. We did have the opportunity to post their achievements and use them on your own.

Many people reasonably ask: what about security, and if I will upload my package - who grant me that he will not flow into the net and all the work down the drain and so on and so n? On this question the answer is very simple: we do not store your decisions on our server.

After a little thought, it was decided to store only a link to the package that allows you to store packages anywhere, for example on Dropbox, Yandex disk, on your own server, or anywhere else, opening access to it only for the periodof using Extras-Evolution.

Also this allows you to easily upgrade packages, both personal and public, for example, using GitHub. Actually all the solutions that we have on a common repository is stored here: https://github.com/extras-evolution/

 This will give the opportunity for everyone to take part in support of your favorite extensions, as well as to always use updated versions.

How it all works

To start using the Extras-Evolution you need to make just 3 steps:


  1. register on the site for accessing to personal repository

  2. install “ Store” module to the MODX EVO 1.0.5 and above.

  3. prepare your solutions and add them to the repository
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