Extras for MODX Evolution

Why exactly so structure? 

Assemble of own packages in  MODX EVO  was possible long time ago ,from  1.0.4 version in folder  install/assets/ files with  .tpl  extension  was present  — for creation of all MODX elements, and  setup.data.sql, for creation of demo-content. MODX-STORE uses same structure of package

Package consist of  2 parts ,  “assets” and “install” foldders

Package consist of  2 parts ,  “assets” and “install” folders and  represent  zip archive, which  consider folder with package same as package name (or name can be random) and have 2 sub-folders:

assets – include all necessary files for work of yours elements, which  necessary  upload to assets folder, preserve standard structure of MODX folders. 

install – holds  assets folder, where  all  necessary elements gathered (files with .tpl extensions), and setup.data.sql file, for creating demo-content.  

Fast and extended installation 

Fast installation  consist in auto installation, which do not need unnecessary  activity from user.

Extended installation allow to  choose elements which user want to install. This option also allow to choose – do you want to install demo –content or no?

Type of installation depends on which type you choos type on upload of a new package. All elements, except packages   are fast to install, and extended install uses for extended install.

How to assemble packages by yourself?

I think that is better to see once  then 10 times to read. On following refer you can study how to other packages assembled.

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