Extras for MODX Evolution


  • ManagerManager

    ManagerManager (plugin)

    Plugin to change the appearance of documents in the Evolution CMS admin panel

  • Jot

    Jot (snippet)

    Is a snippet for MODx and gives your site users the opportunity to enter feedback on your articles. Add comments to articles, create guestbooks

  • globalSettings

    globalSettings (module)


  • globalPlaceholders

    globalPlaceholders (module)


  • TinyMCE3

    TinyMCE3 (plugin)

    TinyMCE3 is a platform independent web-based JavaScript HTML WYSIWYG

  • TSVshop

    TSVshop (package)

    The complete solution for E-commerce

  • eForm

    eForm (snippet)

    Robust form parser/processor with validation, multiple sending options, chunk/page support for forms and reports, and file uploads

  • Breadcrumbs

    Breadcrumbs (snippet)

    Configurable breadcrumb page-trail navigation

  • Wayfinder

    Wayfinder (snippet)

    Completely template-driven and highly flexible menu builder

  • Ditto

    Ditto (snippet)

    Summarizes and lists pages to create blogs, catalogs, PR archives, bio listings and more

  • sitemap

    sitemap (snippet)

    Outputs a machine readable site map for search engines and robots.

  • AlwaysStay

    AlwaysStay (plugin)

    put a checkmark by default continue editing

  • parseChunk

    parseChunk (snippet)

    params in Chunks like REVO

  • ListIndexer

    ListIndexer (snippet)

    A flexible way to show the most recent Resources and other Resource lists

  • WebLogin

    WebLogin (snippet)

    Allows webusers to login to protected pages in the website, supporting multiple user groups - Includes WebSignup and WebChangePwd snippets

  • WebloginPE

    WebloginPE (snippet)

    WebLoginPE started off as a rewrite of the MODx weblogin snippet so I could make an AJAX login for my site. It has turned into a COMPLETE user management snippet.

  • Quill

    Quill (snippet)

    Quill increases usage of MODx documents and TVs

  • YAMS

    YAMS (module)

    is a highly configurable multilingual solution that doesn't require the user to maintain multiple document trees and which allows the user to work with existing document templates.

  • TreeTabs

    TreeTabs (plugin)

    Tabs for documentTree

  • Reflect

    Reflect (snippet)

    Generates date-based archives using Ditto

  • PHx

    PHx (plugin)

    (Placeholders Xtended) Adds the capability of output modifiers when using placeholders, template variables and settings tags

  • Shopkeeper

    Shopkeeper (package)

    The complete solution for E-commerce